Monday, April 6, 2009

The Scalpmaster 3000

Strange things can stir up feelings of nostalgia...........
Yes, it's a little strange that I snuck a camera into the bathroom to take a picture of my mother-in-law's hairbrush. 
 But it brought back fond memories, because my mom had the exact same hairbrush (Scalpmaster 3000!!!!) while I was growing up, except hers was green.  In fact, that hairbrush was the only one I ever remember her having since I was little until I moved out on my own. I even remember every detail of it, the floral design on the back, how the handle felt in my hand and the bristles when I ran my fingers over them.
Maybe I'm a little odd when it comes to being sentimental about things like this, but I love when a simple object can bring memories of smells, sights, or feelings flooding back like it happened just yesterday.
It's so funny how the silliest little things can bring back fond memories of the people you love!


Wilson Clan said...

I heart this post. :) I hope the trip is going great!

Lanny said...

I identify with this post a hundred percent!